5 Killer Squash Tactics

5 Killer Squash Tactics to Beat Any Type of Opponent

Just like with any other sport, there are those unique killer tactics that squash players can employ to increase their winning chances against any opponent. Here are the different types of opponents you will likely come across in squash, and the tactics to use against them to outdo their performance.

Hit tight serves and returns for attacking opponents

This type of squash player uses the frontal attack tactic and depends exclusively on their weapon as opposed to exploiting their opponent’s weaknesses. They often hit the ball quite hard and does a lot of volleying. After serving, they will step up to wait for another volley after you’ve given a return. Their favorite is usually the crosscourt volley kill shots.

The trick to winning against these types of opponents is hitting very tight serves as well as returns. Ensure that your serves can hit side walls before they volley the ball. Don’t be lured into remaining at the back of the court to try to hit harder returns past the opponent.  They are good at it.

Dominate the T

It’s a widely used tactic in squash, but if you learn to use it well, it can defeat almost every opponent. Basically, the T is the most convenient position for retrieving shots from your opponent since it forms the centre of the playing zone. Domination of the T enables a player to reach any type of shot without the need for moving up and down much. When a player uses this tactic, they often emerge as winners. So when playing try to prevent the opponent from dominating the T so you can do it.  The trick to T domination is volleying as much as you can while using low drives.  You should return an opponent’s short and move back to the T quickly so you can return the next shot from that position.

Make them cover even more ground

By using the most basic squash shots (straight drive), you should aim at hitting the ball toward side walls as well as back corners before returning to the T to receive the next shot.  You should also aim at using drop shots so the opponent can move around even more so as to retrieve a shot. If you wish to deceive your opponent on the ball’s direction, boast shots are the best.  When you employ these shots while dominating the T, you can wear down any opponent very quickly thus securing yourself a higher chance of winning the match.

Change directions of your shots

After volleying several times, it’s good to change the ball’s direction. This is a nice trick as it makes your moves less predictable for the opponent. One great tip of changing direction of the ball, is using drop shots or straight drives continuously before an abrupt switch to cross court shots after using the boast shots. Cross court shots simply involve making hits from front court, right to left and or vice versa.

Exploiting the weakness of a complete player

A complete player often makes it difficult for you to win since they are usually fast and fit. Their length is solid and attacks well with an opening provided. Such players can give good shots from any position with the greatest tactical challenges. To defeat such a player, you need to focus more on your strengths and spotting weak points of the opponent. Keep varying your style during a match so you can easily identify their weak point. If one is identified, keep hitting towards that direction to exploit them as much as possible.

These five tactics may seem very basic but are very essential in tackling any type of opponent, especially if you can employ them frequently.

December 30, 2016