5 Tips to Improve Your Squash Technique

5 Tips to Improve Your Squash Expertise

Every squash player differs from another. Styles, strengths and techniques vary according to one’s preferences. Similarly, the techniques to improving one’s game may also be favorable to one player but not to another. However, any squash player must be able to adapt to new methods in order to remain highly competitive against opponents. Here are the five most useful tips that any type of player can use to give their game a boost.

Take the ball before back wall

If any player will be able to take the ball early enough before the back wall, they will be able to reduce incredibly the time amount the opponent has between shots. Take note that it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should volley the ball. When you get used to playing squash without the back wall, you will start taking every ball right before back wall. This technique applies a phenomenal pressure to the opponent by depriving them constantly of valuable time for recovery with every shot they hit.

Hit the ball away from your opponent

This might seem very simple as it is the number one rule of squash. However it is not actually not so simple like it sounds because when in pressure of the opponent, it’s often common for a player to be unsure of the former’s location. As such, most players will simply hit the ball without considering their opponent’s position. However, with constant practice, it becomes a norm. You can list out and watch their location, but if not sure of their exact position, you can simply look at them so as to get their default reaction.   It can take quite some time with practice for you to remain composed enough for a split evaluation, but the achieved difference is incredible. You should always aim at hitting the ball away from the opponent.

Incorporate some form of deception

It is good for a player to disguise shots and deceive opponents when they are training on how to hit the shots. This way you can learn early enough to incorporate tricks into your shots, meaning that you will be able to make winning shots and find means of finishing off rallies right from the early stages of development. Trying to include deception at an early stage is essential since doing it later on will be much harder once you are settled with a certain stroke.

Hitting the winning shot

With games heading over to the Point a Rally (PAR) scoring, it becomes very important for a player to hit a winning shot to score more points. For that reason, it is important for players to learn how to end a rally through the deception strategy and hit the nick strategy. Every player needs to be able to develop some form of proficiency in each of their strokes, including ones that may be regarded as luxury or trick shots.

Watch best players do their thing

Some of us are just good at emulating what others are doing. So if you find that you are somewhat uncreative in developing your own tricks, you can learn from the best players. Watch expert squash players a lot. By watching, we often absorb and then try to imitate what. When you watch best players’ moves and play patterns, we can always recall them and find inspirational ideas from what we saw. It’s some sort of plagiarism but it’s the way for you to grow even more. If possible, seek advice from those players you’ve watched play. It also helps a lot when it comes to developing your own techniques.

These are just some of the techniques you can use to develop your squash techniques more. Most importantly, constant practice brings you closer to perfection, which is virtually impossible to achieve.


December 30, 2016