History Of Squash

History of squash. 

In the month of April, 1912, the famous Titanic took down a squash court along with it.

Squash is an excellent game that is filled with numerous interesting information nuggets like the one listed above. In the earlier days of the evolution of the game, squash was usually played in the posh parts of the town including renowned educational institutes and high end men’s clubs and sports complexes. So it should not strike you as a surprise that squash was played on the famous ship that did not have a very good ending.

The start of squash dates back to the 1860s where it was played by the lads of a famous school in England known as the Harrow. What they did was they took a little ball of rubber (which was not easily available at that time) and started hitting it on different walls of the school with a racquet. So it took the form of an actual game but did not achieve a lot of fame at that point. Since Racquets was the most preferred game during that era, squash was usually played by underclassmen who did not possess the skills or seniority to perform good at Racquets.

The game of squash was introduced to the US in the year 1984. 4 open air squash courts were created by a private boarding school known as St. Paul’s. It was situated in the New Hampshire. From that school, the fame of the game got out and it became a part of several private men’s clubs in New York, Philadelphia and Boston within no time. With the passage of time, squash started becoming more and more popular throughout the US and it also grew a much wider audience as well.

By the decade of the 1950s, the game of squash had managed to make its way throughout the entire world. One of the most dramatic events in the field of squash was the appearance of Hashim Khan in the international squash. Khan was a Pakistani born and used to serve as a ball boy at one of the British Officers Clubs. So he learnt and mastered the game there and eventually secured a job as a squash pro. The year was 1951 when Hashim was sent to represent Pakistan in the British Open tournament which was the biggest squash event in the world. Khan demonstrated extra ordinary performance and easily secured the title by crushing every single one of his opponents.

The game of squash has experienced a good deal of turns and twists in addition to several colorful characters over all the years of its evolution. Several books have been written by different squash lovers about the history of the game. If you are interested in developing a deeper understanding about the different phases of squash’s history, giving ‘Squash: A History of the Game’ by James Zug would be a good choice. There are several other books as well that may easily be found by visiting any local bookstore.

December 30, 2016