How To Improve Your Squash Serve

How to improve your squash serve. 

 Squash is known to be a complicated game as it involves a lot of strategic thinking and the requirement of making quick reactions. The ball’s angle after every single shot determines its expected landing area and how easily or difficultly you would be able to pick it up. So if you are willing to improve your performance at the game of squash, starting off with working on your squash serve would be a very good place to start from. Learning how to initiate a good serve can turn things around for you in the game of squash. There are several different types of serves in squash. Three of the most common yet highly effective ones in this regard are discussed below.

Lob serve

The lob serve primarily serves the purpose of landing the ball into the court’s back corner in close proximity to the side walls and the glass. In order to initiate such a serve, you need to hit a spot below the front wall’s outline. Go for an angle that causes the ball to get to the side wall on the side of your opponent. Lob serve proves to be pretty hard for an opponent to return due to a number of reasons. So practicing and mastering this serve can do you a lot of good.

Power serve

This kind of serve is pretty similar to a usual tennis serve as both of them are carried out over hand. It is known to be especially effective when it takes the opponent by surprise. Placing this kind of serve in certain areas might give prove to come in very handy. Therefore, practicing this serve to land the ball at different points in the court can bring about a very positive effect on your overall game performance.

Backhand serve

Backhand serves may be of different kinds. You can either go for one underhand power serve or it may also be a lob serve depending upon your own choice. The backhand serve is usually served from the serving box at your forehand side. You may come across two basic advantages when you go for backhand serves on the side of your forehand. It allows you to quickly get into the court’s centre without having to move your body at 180 degrees. So in order to sum it up, it may be said that backhand serve is yet another kind of squash serve that is very hard to return and has the ability to do wonders for you in the game of squash.

Practice makes perfect

In case you are willing to incorporate any of the above discussed serve techniques, the best course of action is to practice them a lot. This is very important because you may discover a lot of complexities during the practice sessions and they might help you a lot in getting a lot better. So never use these serves in an actual match unless you have gone through the right amount of practice.


December 30, 2016