Squash Footwork for Beginners

Squash Footwork for Beginners: Dart Faster Around the Court

Moving faster on the court is more than just a requirement for success, it’s a necessary skill. If you are just getting started with squash, the faster you master the basic footwork, the better it will be for you. Movement about the court is a necessary skill that needs constant development, even for skilled players. So here are some basic footwork for squash beginners.

Placing the “right” foot forward

It is very essential for a beginner to place the right foot forward when they are in the court’s left side and the left foot when in the right side of the court. This is because it will force you to rotate the body, coherently with the theory of comprehensive shot principle, you will be able to make a drive faster, which at a beginner level is the single most important skill you need to work on.

When you have advanced to become an experienced squash player, you won’t need to care about which foot needs to be placed where, especially when in a match. When playing, there will be so many things to take care of and usage of the foot should completely be out of the mind.  This is why it is highly suggested that beginners train with the proper foot in the correct side of the court so they can play all shots with same accuracy and using your feet in front.

Learning the footwork of switching the foot will be essential so that:

  • You can easily use booth feet.
  • It becomes easier to move faster even with the “wrong” feet in front.
  • You can confuse the opponent.
  • You will be ready for any unusual scenario.


Ignition of faster footwork

If you want to make your movement about the court even more precise, it is important to the regular six-point star sprint and practice the single- step star sprint. This version is important and will help you focus on the position of your body when hitting the ball. Additionally, you should train your physical strength and muscle memory so as to play shots with proper balance. If you keep persistence with this type of exercise, the moment of having correct footwork will develop into your sub-conscious so that when playing, you will not need to think about the foot that needs to be placed where.

Have a companion for your star-sprint training

While standing in front position of the court, have your partner point to a single point out of the six points or simply shout a number referring to a designated position that you should run to from T position. This is quite helpful as in helps create some sort of uncertainty at the back of your mind. It is very important that every time you get back to T you pause for a moment while watching the opponent play their shots and jump slightly just at the moment they hit the ball. When you weight is momentarily up in the air, you won’t have any commitment to go in one direction in favor of the other.



Always mind your posture

The most important aspect of movement or speed is posture. It affects your control and balance. So you should also focus on improving your posture through some abs workouts. Abs workouts help your body become more stable so you can move your body in any particular direction with proper power and speed.

There you, go! Try out these simple squash footwork for beginners and have fun on your next game.

December 30, 2016