Tips For Squash Coaching

Tips for squash coaching. 


Squash is a fine game that enables you to stay fit and in shape since it requires you to move a lot. If you are new to squash, a few tips that might help you a lot in order to make your way into becoming a good player are discussed below for your convenience.

Plan playing well

If you are new at squash and want to make some progress on the road to becoming a good player, it is highly recommended to take 4-6 weeks for practicing before you play any matches. In the first 2 weeks, you have to go on with a combination of both in court and off court work out routines. Doing some leg work and weight work can be a good choice in this regard.

In the 3rd and 4th weeks, you need to play normal and conditioned games while concentrating upon what aspects of your game need improvements rather than focusing on securing the win.

Get used to a certain routine

If you plan on going on with any kind of training, it is very important to devise a certain routine and stick to it. Similar is the case with squash. You need to develop a training schedule that incorporates taking certain meals in a timely fashion and working out according to a preplanned schedule. In the earlier days, you need to start slow on the workout routines. But when you are onto them for a few days, you need to gear up and switch to a serious routine.

Basic practices

The key to becoming a good squash player is to stay patient and take your time with all your weaknesses. Therefore, you need to start off with some basic practices in order to improve and grooves your shots. Sticking to this approach may have a strong impact on your overall game in the long run so do not underestimate its importance.

Solo practice sessions

Conducting different solo practice sessions can be very effective for the improvement of your squash game. Hit the ball by yourself for a few minutes every day. This will greatly groove and improve your skills in the sport. Practicing different shots can do you a lot of good in this regard. You can start off with easy hitting and then move onto full length driving, kills & low drives, short shots, volley drops, volley kills, etc.


Volleys ensure a good game of squash at a good pace and allow you to create some time for yourself and pressurize your opponent. So practicing on this technique can do wonders for you. While you are playing a match, never miss one seizing a volleying opportunity.

Having a game plan

When you have spent a few weeks on practicing squash, you would be pretty familiar with the minor details of the game. So the best thing to do with this knowledge is to utilize it for your own good. You can devise a game strategy and make use of all your moves in order to completely stun your opponent.

December 30, 2016