Top 10 Squash Training Drills

Top 10 squash training drills.

Squash can be a tough game since it requires you to sustain yourself within the centre of the court and make movements at a very fast pace. So in order to achieve excellence at the game, you need to go through a lot of practice and training drill sessions. A few of them that might prove to be really effective in this regard are discussed below.

Solo hitting drills

The best way to discover your inner self at squash is to go through solo hitting drills. They might prove to be very helpful to you in discovering different weaknesses in your game. In addition to this, you can experiment with new shots, new serves and whatever you want to. So going for solo hitting drills would be a great place to start from.

Straight drives

Straight drives are very common in the game of squash but what makes them more interesting is when you add a little twist to them. You can experiment different straight drives in order to discover and master the best among the rest.

Short hitting

Short hitting refers to standing in the front side of the short line while hitting the ball just below the serve line. You need to practice this a lot in order to improve your speed at these drives. Keeping in view its bright effects on the game, practicing short hitting is strongly recommended.

Short volleys

Shorts volleys require you to use the same position as of short hitting but you need to make sure that the ball never bounces. This may prove to be very helpful in improving and increasing your speed.

Side wall drives

This kind of drill may prove to be equally beneficial for beginners, intermediates and pros at the same time. What you need to do is to hit the ball onto one of the side walls using your forehand in a way that it hits the other side wall. Now you need to hit the ball with your back hand so that it gets back to the point where it all started.

Corner low drives

In this drill, you need to practice throwing the ball at the corners of the court in order to make it hard for your opponent to return the shot.

Figure 8’s

It is a highly popular solo hitting drill that requires you to start off with the bounce and then get to the volley while working up the ball. Practicing this drill might have a solid impact on your overall game.

Drops on bounce

Practicing short game is very important to achieve excellence in the game of squash. Therefore, drops on the bounce is a very useful drill that helps you become faster and more consistent with the ball.

Volley drops

Incorporating volley drops while practicing figure 8’s can be a good combo. This is due to the fact that both these drills are basically sequential so this combo can do a lot of good for your stamina.

December 30, 2016